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Valuable, nutritious oils and organic balsamic vinegars ‒ a must for every store cupboard.

Premium oils from Naturata

Naturata oils are made using gentle methods and pressed without the application of heat. This means that valuable ingredients are retained. The careful choice of raw materials and gentle pressing method mean that the oils comply with BNN regulations governing the designation "extra virgin".

The premium extra virgin oils also play a part in the high quality and unique taste of Naturata vegetable fats.

Would you like to know where the raw materials for the oils come from? You can find out more about selected partners in the "Projects" section.

Balsamic vinegar from Naturata

Crowned the "king of Vinegars", it has a velvety sweetness, yet at the same time a savoury note. Born of a long tradition, yet so up to date: Aceto Balsamico. Naturata offers a fine assortment of Demeter balsamic vinegars, bringing some intensely aromatic taste components to today's cuisine.

Beyond organic

  • High-quality Demeter ingredients, processed naturally
  • May be consumed raw
  • Vegan
  • Selected origin
beyond organic

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Our responsibility to man and nature

Vinegar from Italy

Our entire vinegar range is Demeter-certified and comes from a small farm in Italy. It is the product of many years of successful collaboration.

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Olive oil from Portugal

The Risca Grande organic farm was founded in 2001 by two Swiss families. In 2008, we supported the olive plantation in the transformation to biodynamic methods so that it was granted full Demeter status the following year. Risca Grande has won a number of awards for the exceptional quality of its olive oil.

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Olive oil from Italy

The succulent olives for Naturata Extra Virgin Olive Oil ripen in the sun of southern Italy, absorbing its full power and energy in the process.

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