Gentle processing


beyond organic

The raw materials for our products are sourced from organic and biodynamic farming, and further processing also complies with organic and/or Demeter standards. That protects natural resources and the environment.As a matter of course, processing methods are chosen which are gentle on raw materials and preserve the vitality of the valuable ingredients as far as possible. This makes them particularly valuable from a nutritional perspective.

What's more, Naturata products are manufactured without the use of auxiliary agents or additives. If is is necessary to use auxiliary agents for organic products, only a small number of absolutely necessary auxiliary agents are permitted. Colourings and sweeteners, stabilisers, flavour enhancers, iodine, nitrate salting mix and so-called natural aromas (aromas which occur naturally, but which can also be manufactured with the aid of bacteria, yeast or mushrooms) are prohibited, for example. Only aroma extracts made from essential oils or extracts from vegetable sources which constitute the main component of the aroma are permitted, though these are not used in Naturata products.

As a rule, ingredients are listed on the label in full, in accordance with the full declaration recommendation issued by the Association of Organic Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers (BNN). In this way, consumers can be sure that all ingredients contained in Naturata products are declared. Furthermore, it is possible to check all products on the website,, for major allergens (eggs, peanuts, fish, gluten, crustaceans, lupin, milk, edible nuts, sulphites, celeriac, mustard, sesame, soya, molluscs, hazelnuts, lactose, almonds) ‒ a key consideration for allergy sufferers. The website also indicates which products are vegan or may be consumed raw.

Quality criteria

As a member of the BNN, Naturata has committed itself to meeting far-reaching quality criteria, such as those relating to pesticides or softeners. Purchasing requirements for all products bearing the brand name Naturata are drawn up to guarantee compliance with specific guidelines. The characteristics defined here must be adhered to by the suppliers of a product. Inspections are carried out in the form of spot check analyses. The scope of testing is defined in an analysis concept which is updated annually.


Where possible, the packaging also gives details of the origin of the raw materials in order to make products more transparent. If a product originates from a cultivation project, a short description of it generally features on the packaging. Further information about our partners is also to be found on the Naturata website.