For those sweet moments ‒ and no regrets. Organic, Fairtrade, vegan ‒ melt-in-the-mouth chocolatey delights ...

Melt-in-the mouth chocolate using the finest Fairtrade ingredients.

Superlative Swiss manufacturing

Naturata chocolate has always been known for its particular smoothness. What's more, this smoothness is achieved without adding soya lecithin and is therefore guaranteed GM-free. It's all down to a special, superlative manufacturing process. The selected ingredients are mixed thoroughly, ground and refined by conching. Since extended conching produces a fine, delicate smoothness and the typical chocolate flavour, Naturata chocolate is conched for a particularly long time.

Fairtrade raw materials from projects

The raw materials are from long-standing partnerships, for example, the COOPROAGRO cooperative in the Dominican Republic, from which we source our cocoa. The criteria of free trade apply here exclusively.

Beyond organic

  • Raw materials are sourced from small-farmers' cooperatives
  • Climate-neutral product
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Produced in Switzerland
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Our responsibility to man and nature

Cocoa from the Dominican Republic

COOPROAGRO is an umbrella organisation uniting 15 cooperatives in the north-east of the country specialising in the cultivation and sale of organic cocoa.

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Cocoa from Peru

The cooperative is active throughout Peru and supports agricultural smallholdings at all stages of production, therefore ensuring the top quality of our speciality chocolates.

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