Vinegar from Italy

Our entire vinegar range is Demeter-certified and comes from a small farm in Italy. It is the product of many years of successful collaboration.

Country, Location: ITALY
Project partner: ORGANIC FARM Demeter

Vinegar from Italy

Our partner has been Demeter-certified since 1980. The company has shown a consistent interest in organic and biodynamic agriculture right from the start.

Naturata offers a fine assortment of Demeter vinegars, bringing some intensely aromatic taste components to today's cuisine.

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Our responsibility to man and nature

Naturata can look back on a long, trusting and successful collaboration with the business portrayed. For many years now, we have been supporting the Italian family-run business out of a sense of conviction. Our collaboration is to be strengthened in future in the form of a project.

Quality promise

The company uses exclusively biodynamic substances from the “La Farnia” association, which is also a biodynamic operation. The aim throughout the entire process is to work in perfect harmony with the ecosystem. To this end, plants take centre stage during production, and neither preservatives nor artificial colourings are used. Particular emphasis is placed in the process on the strong bond between the company and the earth, based on respect and consistency. The quality of the finished products speaks for itself.

More than organic

Our Demeter-certified partners are mindful of the highest quality criteria when selecting raw materials. All ingredients come from certified biodynamic cultivation, during which no chemical pesticides or fertilizers are used. The starting point for the production of Naturata Demeter vinegars is the wine made from the finest, unsulphurated organic grapes. These are grown according to biodynamic principles in cooperation with other local farmers in the region and are consequently exclusively of Italian origin. Every year, before harvesting, the grapes undergo a strict selection process. They are only picked when their aroma is fully developed and are then pressed to give the must which serves solely for making the top-quality wine vinegars. Our partner sets great store by aromatic varieties. Salamino, Ancellotta and Fortana are used primarily for the red wine vinegars and Trebbiano for the white ones.

More cultivation projects

Olive oil from Portugal

The Risca Grande organic farm was founded in 2001 by two Swiss families. In 2008, we supported the olive plantation in the transformation to biodynamic methods so that it was granted full Demeter status the following year. Risca Grande has won a number of awards for the exceptional quality of its olive oil.

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Olive oil from Italy

The succulent olives for Naturata Extra Virgin Olive Oil ripen in the sun of southern Italy, absorbing its full power and energy in the process.

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Olive oil from Crete

Crete is famous for its ancient traditions which go back many centuries. The historical sites at Phaistos attract countless tourists every year to the heart of this famous Mediterranean island, which is also the site of Europe’s oldest oil mill.

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