Crispbread & Rusks

Made from spelt or wheat. The perfect organic snack between meals.

Perfect ‒ both sweet and savoury

Our fine Demeter baked goods are an unrivalled treat. Whether made from spelt or wheat flour, white or wholemeal, there’s something for everyone.

Naturata crispbread goes well with all kinds of sweet and savoury toppings and is ideal for breakfast but can also be enjoyed at any other time of the day.

Naturata rusks are produced in a traditional, artisanal business. Here, the term "hand-made" says it all: the baked rusk slices are sorted by hand and then packaged.

Beyond organic

  • High-quality Demeter ingredients, processed naturally
  • Use of locally sourced/European raw materials/ingredients
  • Without auxiliary agents or additives
  • Without palm oil
  • Produced in Germany
beyond organic