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Finest quality, Fairtrade organic coffee and organic cocoa. Really wholesome and socially viable. That does (you) good.

Naturata grain coffee – a harmonious composition for moments to savour!

The high-quality, balanced recipe makes for a full-bodied flavour, and the slightly sweet taste of figs gives it that certain something.

Raw materials and production: The grain comes from farmers in Germany who work according to biodynamic principles. Chicory, acorns and figs are cultivated in Europe and Turkey. Production takes place at a family-run artisanal business in Switzerland. Careful roasting of the individual ingredients as well as gentle extraction result in a particularly mild, complex flavour. A sophisticated spray drying process produces a delicate crema, making for a genuine coffee house feeling in your own home.

This fine creation makes this caffeine-free drink a wholesome alternative to pure coffee or tea. The many varieties in a host of flavours mean there’s a highlight for every taste and every age group.

Naturata has just the thing for drinkers of pure coffee, too:  pure coffee from Fairtrade projects in a host of varieties offer you more moments to savour. Our Espresso Sticks make for the necessary kick in between times. Quick to prepare, for that strong, Italian flavour.

Fairtrade cocoa for every occasion


The Naturata range contains numerous organic cocoa products for every occasion. All ingredients for our popular drinking chocolate come from Fairtrade projects and organic cultivation.



Beyond organic

  • High-quality Demeter ingredients, processed naturally
  • Gluten-free
  • Caffeine-free
  • Produced in Switzerland
beyond organic

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