Tomatoes from Spain

Here, tomatoes are still produced and processed in artisanal family-run businesses. Processing is gentle, from the field directly into the jar and the pasta sauce.

Country, Location: SPAIN
Project partner: DEMETER PLANT Family Valls
Start: IN THE 80'S till this day

Tomatoes from Spain

The Spanish Valls family has been working its farm in Catalonia entirely organically since 1979. Manuel Valls i Sanfeliu, the founder of the company, took the first step towards organic cultivation by transforming common plant seeds into organic ones. The first contact with the world of biodynamic farming and the anthroposophical thoughts underlying it took place in Germany in the mid-1980s. As a logical consequence of this newly acquired awareness, he converted the operation to biodynamic cultivation which was then also Demeter-certified in 1991. This makes the family-run operation a true organic pioneer in Spain, just as we were in Germany.

They grow in the fields of a traditional family-run business in the province of Lleida in Catalonia. Naturata's organic tomato sauce and organic tomato concentrate enhance your dish and go down a treat with our pasta!

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Our responsibility to man and nature

Naturata has been CalValls' partner in Germany right from the beginning. Together, we implemented the transformation to biodynamic farming practices in the 1980s. Naturata not only helped with marketing the products, but also paid for a machine for producing tomato concentrate. CalValls was gradually able to re-pay this "loan" in the form of goods deliveries.

Naturata has been the largest purchaser of the tomato products right from the start. A collaboration based on fairness. Mutual understanding and a willingness to seek solutions together should problems arise have seen this partnership flourish for over 20 years. Promoting cultivation and processing opens up new perspectives to our partner and guarantees Naturata delicious, top-quality organic foods, day in, day out.

CalValls cultivates tomatoes on around 10 hectares of land. These are, to be precise, two varieties which grow close to the ground. Approximately 1,000 tonnes are processed every year. One variety is destined for the production of peeled tomatoes thanks to its rich, red colour, pear-shaped form, firm flesh and good size. The other variety is used for passata, puree and tomato sauces, since it has a very high dry mass and low water content. Important aspects of tomato cultivation include following a crop rotation cycle, weed control and harvesting quickly and at full ripeness. On the other hand, pests and diseases pose no problems, since the soil, plants and fauna all form part of a harmonious ecosystem thanks to the use of biodynamic farming methods. Green tomatoes and their skins are mixed with manure from other farms and used as compost. After harvesting of the tomatoes, the plants are removed from the ground but left on the fields to serve as green manure.

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Crop rotation involves alternating cultivation of onions, tomatoes, winter vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, spinach, chard, lettuce, carrots, turnips, beetroot) as well as vetches and barley (for green manure). Alongside cultivation and processing of tomatoes in the fields, CalValls is also involved in growing herbs and produces seed, for example, for onions. A total of 60 employees work in production, in two shifts. Around 75 people are employed during harvesting time.

The head of CalValls takes care primarily of cultivation and harvest of the tomatoes. Manolo is full of enthusiasm, which he is passing on to his three children who also work in the family business. Daniel is responsible for sales, Ruben is the production specialist and their sister has studied agricultural sciences; together they make the perfect team to ensure a successful future for CalValls.

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Collaboration with various long-standing partners guarantees Naturata delicious, top-quality organic foods, day in, day out.

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