The Naturata donation-cent

1 cent for a better tomorrow


1 cent for a better tomorrow


Have you noticed it yet on your favourite Naturata product? We’re serious when we say we’re “more than organic”, and that’s why we want to use the profits generated from your purchases of Naturata products to make a REAL difference. And that’s not just an empty phrase; we’re talking about something sustainable for the long term.
We don’t just want to make a single financial contribution to an initiative or association we consider worthy of support. We want to actively engage in true partnerships, forging ideological and practical links with the projects supported by each one-cent donation.
How exactly are we going to do this? And who will benefit from our donation?

The transformation

All products whose purchase results in the donation of one cent bear the donation mark. That way, it’s easy for everyone to see which products are already supporting the projects below. Because sustainability is very important to us, the transformation process for the individual products will take place gradually. Of course, we won’t be throwing any packaging away, but the donation mark will be added each time packaging is re-printed. That will take some time, so we ask you to bear with us. Ultimately, though, every Naturata product will bear this mark – we promise!

We’re starting in 2024 with our nuts and dried fruits product line. They’ll be given a hip new design – while quality will naturally stay the same – and during the design update, each product in this category will get its donation mark. More products will follow in 2024.

That means, the number of products – and the sum donated – will grow year by year, until all product packaging has been modified. And, of course, new products will also be given the 1 CENT mark, so by the time we’ve added all products to the campaign, we anticipate a high five-digit donation sum. That will let us make a big difference!


Thank you!

At this point we’d like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who buys our products.
It is only through your purchases that we can support such great initiatives.


We support the following projects:

“proBiene” project – starts in 2024

The proBiene (“for the bee”) institute campaigns for sustainable beekeeping, education to build lasting awareness among children and young people as well as the protection of insects and species conservation. These three areas of activity serve the well-being of bees and, as a consequence, the well-being of us humans and all other living creatures. We’ve known the founders of proBiene for a long time. Topics such as ecology and species conservation, as well as the fact that we are geographical neighbours here in Baden-Württemberg, unite us. It makes all the more sense, then, that proBiene should receive our first donation in 2024.


And that’s not all: we are also planning some joint activities and campaigns. You can find out more about these on our social media channels, in our newsletter or perhaps even on a visit to a joint event in your area.



Bees in children’s daycare centres and schools: education for sustainable development

proBiene is involved not only in supporting teachers to give children in primary and secondary education a better understanding of the world of bees. Plans also include a children’s website, an online course for young people as well as provision of brochures and other information material. Teachers can access an entire “methods toolkit” to help them.

This project promotes the future of bees and, ultimately, by definition the future of all of us.

Beekeeping, yes – but in a sustainable, species-appropriate way

One thing is clear: you don’t need to be a beekeeper to do something good for bees! If you suddenly get the urge to help, proBiene offers courses on sustainable beekeeping. In this way you’ll be promoting an approach to beekeeping which is appreciative, sustainable and in accordance with the bees’ true nature. Everything which offers the world new, respectful ways of treating nature and our cultural assets.
Naturally, we support this commitment through our donations – to raise awareness of bees and their habitats and encourage thriving colonies.

You’ll find more information about proBiene activities on their website.