Fair collaboration


Since 1976, Naturata AG has grown into one of the leading international suppliers of foods from biodynamic and organic production and now has over 20 employees. What unites them all? Our enthusiasm for maximum eating pleasure, genuine taste and the highest quality as well as the common interest in an organic, sustainable way of life and a vision of a better world.

Fair collaboration and a strong feeling of togetherness

Collaboration based on fairness is firmly anchored in our company philosophy and naturally governs our day-to-day activities. After all, here at Naturata "More than organic" stands for a new culture of collaboration, for room for ideas, development and sharing. Because we trust in cooperation, esteem, long-term planning and transparency. Our collaboration is characterised at all levels by respectful and amicable communication on an equal footing. Moreover, our employees enjoy plenty of scope for action under fair conditions, a needs-oriented, flexible working environment as well as the chance of new perspectives and vocational support. All this makes for a pleasant working climate and a strong feeling of togetherness.

Cooperation based on partnership

Our relationships with customers, suppliers and partners are also based on a spirit of cooperation and friendship. We are keen to establish long-term, close partnerships with our farmers and associates in order to obtain the finest raw materials at competitive prices. Trust and reliability play a key role in all this.

Fair trading relations

We feel very strongly about fair trading relations. That's why we as a company have had ourselves certified according to Fairtrade criteria. In this way we can ensure the fairness of all Naturata products as well as the fairness of the company itself in its dealings with suppliers and customers. Every year since 2012, we have undergone a Fairtrade audit in accordance with FLO-Cert guidelines. Through many of our products we support various Fairtrade projects all over the world (cocoa powder from the Cooproagro project, whole cane sugar from the Manduvirá project in Paraguay). Fairtrade products are labelled with the corresponding Fairtrade Mark. This means the consumer can be absolutely certain that the criteria for fair trade have been fulfilled. However, we often go beyond these. The payment to producers of a Fairtrade bonus leads to better living standards and conditions, especially in developing countries. The money can be invested for the common good (for example in education, infrastructure, marketing, production, medical care ...) which, in turn, strengthens their position on the market. But fair trading relations are also important to us when it comes to regional producers. That's why we always pay more than the market price to farmers in the Schwäbische Alb region for the Demeter spelt we need for our spelt pasta.

Fair to the environment

We don't just value fair collaboration between people. Nature is our most important partner: Naturata therefore sets great store by conscious and ethical corporate management as well as responsible handling of all available resources. When procuring raw materials we look for the best organic and Demeter quality. Only these forms of agriculture are sustainable and protect the environment. Product packaging also plays an important role. That's why we place great emphasis on the efficient use of packaging materials and on avoiding substances which harm the environment. Many Naturata products bear the myclimate label which stands for climate-neutral production.

Environment & Social issues