• Because so much is at stake.

    Sure, we all want good and tasty food. But our products can be much more: They make a contribution to a better world - from A for species protection to Z for cooperation. With our new campaign, we would like to show you what values ​​are in our pasta or chocolate.

    Why? Because so much is at stake.

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  • Coffees from Naturata

    A pleasure sip for sip

    Thanks to their finely tuned recipes, the coffee alternatives from Naturata ensure full-bodied coffee enjoyment with a fine crema. With the numerous varieties in different flavors, there is a highlight for every palate.

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  • Best Bio 2022

    Organic aioli, vegan

    Winner in the category delicatessen without refrigeration

    The vegan aioli from Naturata does not contain egg. Instead, sunflower protein serves as an emulsifier. It also contains less oil and is therefore lower in fat and calories than Naturata mayonnaise.

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  • Naturata Chocolates

    simply tempting

    Discover our dark milk and dark chocolates from Costa Rica and Peru! They are made by Swiss chocolatiers with a lot of love and know-how. The independent Fairtrade seal guarantees that not only the cocoa but also the sugar in this chocolate complies with international fair trade standards.

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  • Naturata cocoa products

    Perfect for baking!

    For Naturata cocoa products, attention is paid to cocoa beans with a particularly characteristic, full aroma from fair, ecological cultivation. Ideal as a hot drink with "FAIR" flavor, but also for baking or for preparing pralines!

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  • The queen of spices

    Bourbon vanilla

    from Madagascar

    We get our vanilla from a small farmer's cooperative in Madagascar, more precisely from the Sava region in the northeast of the island. Not only is it grown organically, it is also Fairtrade certified. Thanks to the additional Fairtrade premiums, various joint projects have already been implemented.

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  • Klimaneutral

    der Umwelt zuliebe

    Für ein lebenswertes Übermorgen

    Gemeinsam mit myclimate kompensieren wir bei vielen Produkten die CO2-Emissionen, die während der Herstellung und dem Transport anfallen. Auf jeder Verpackung finden Sie eine aufgedruckte Trackingnummer, mit der Sie auf www.myclimate.de nachschauen können, welches Klimaschutz-Projekt Sie dadurch unterstützen.

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All you need to know about Naturata products

Pure eating pleasure and real quality: all you need to know about Naturata products. Find out more about our huge range of organic foods. Enjoy fairly, with pleasure and with friends.

Coffee & Cacoa


Demeter products

Certified quality: Our Demeter products
Almost half of our product range is Demeter-certified and therefore stands for carefully inspected biodynamic cultivation and processing methods.

Naturata Demeter

Naturata on Facebook

Find more information on our german Facebook page!

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Naturata on Instagram

Find more information on our german Instagram page!

Naturata on Instagram

Growing together: our projects and partners

Spelt from South Germany

For over 30 years now, Naturata has been working successfully with a Demeter producer association in South Germany. Here, the spelt flourishes under ideal conditions, and the partnership based on trust and reliability guarantees the highest quality.

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Tomatoes from Spain

Here, tomatoes are still produced and processed in artisanal family-run businesses. Processing is gentle, from the field directly into the jar and the pasta sauce.

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Cocoa from Peru

The cooperative is active throughout Peru and supports agricultural smallholdings at all stages of production, therefore ensuring the top quality of our speciality chocolates.

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Our regional and international cultivation projects let us create the best conditions for our raw materials and consolidate our partnerships with like-minded people all over the world. We have known many of our partners for many years ‒ pleasure that goes on and on.