Olive oil from Italy

The succulent olives for Naturata Extra Virgin Olive Oil ripen in the sun of southern Italy, absorbing its full power and energy in the process.

Country, Location: Italy Parco Nationale Delle Serre
Project partner: FAMILY BUSINESS Azienda Agricola Francesca Surdo
Start: 2008 till today

Olive oil from Italy

The families of Antonino Anastasi and Giuseppe Posterino have realised their life-long ambition through the cultivation of olives. The olives come from the Azienda Agricola Francesca Surdo, now run by the third generation of the two families. The olive grove lies against the fabulous backdrop of a lake in the heart of the "Parco Nationale Delle Serre" nature reserve. The trees on the 160-ha Azienda Agricola estate are between 150 and 200 years old and grow up to ten metres in height. Younger olive trees grow under the cover of the older ones, thereby safeguarding this culinary pleasure for decades to come.

Valuable, nutritious oils and organic balsamic vinegars ‒ a must for every store cupboard.

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Quality promise

The pilot project was born in 2008 as a result of the dream of the two producers, Antonino Anastasi and Giuseppe Posterino. Their premium-quality olive oil is produced using biodynamic methods. Their attachment to their native region is characterised by the care and dedication they put into processing the olives; after all, fine olive oil has been a staple of Mediterranean cooking for centuries. The family-run business is carrying this tradition into the future. In tune with nature, a well-balanced and holistic system has been created in which plants, animals and man co-exist in harmony.

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Olive oil from Crete

Crete is famous for its ancient traditions which go back many centuries. The historical sites at Phaistos attract countless tourists every year to the heart of this famous Mediterranean island, which is also the site of Europe’s oldest oil mill.

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Olive oil from Portugal

The Risca Grande organic farm was founded in 2001 by two Swiss families. In 2008, we supported the olive plantation in the transformation to biodynamic methods so that it was granted full Demeter status the following year. Risca Grande has won a number of awards for the exceptional quality of its olive oil.

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Vinegar from Italy

Our entire vinegar range is Demeter-certified and comes from a small farm in Italy. It is the product of many years of successful collaboration.

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