Aceto Balsamico di Modena PGI, PREMIUM

EAN-Code: 4024297017257

The production of the famous Aceto Balsamico has a centuries-old tradition in the Italian province of Modena. The "king among the vinegars" is produced according to a traditional process and has to mature in wooden barrels for many years. Selected ingredients and a careful preparation make this vinegar specialty a real highlight in the domestic cuisine.


The fermentation process of an aceto balsamico di Modena is a highly complicated, lengthy process. The old family recipes are protected like a secret treasure. Balsamic vinegars with different maturity levels are mixed until the desired taste note is reached. It is not possible to speak of a complete ripening even if a balsamico has been stored for several years. Therefore the maturity time alone does not tell us the actual quality. An age indication on the label is even prohibited by law. Only the combination of maturity, traditional storage and, above all, the mixing ratio of grape must to wine vinegar are decisive for the quality. The higher the content of grape must, the better the quality and the finer the flavor.


Nothing but the best: We only use organic ingredients of highest quality in our products.

Valuable ingredients:

Cooked grape must*, wine vinegar*

allergenic ingredients: Sulphur dioxide and sulphites> 10mg/kg

bottle, 250ml
Packaging material:
Origin of the raw material:
  • geschützte geografische Angabe
geschützte geografische Angabe

beyond organic:

  • High-quality Demeter ingredients, processed naturally
  • Use of locally sourced/European raw materials/ingredients
  • Without auxiliary agents or additives
  • Vegan
  • Selected origin

Average nutritional value & analysis results per 100 g:

1.475 kJ / 346 kcal
of which saturates
0,0 g
0,0 g
of which sugars
81,2 g
79,5 g
0,7 g
0,04 g

Dietary advice/Features:

  • crudités
  • vegan
  • vegetarian


  • Egg
  • Peanut
  • Fish
  • Gluten
  • Crustaceans
  • Lupines
  • Milk
  • Nuts
  • Celery
  • Mustard
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Soybeans
  • SO2
  • Molluscs

Allergy information:

  • not contained
  • traces possible
  • contained


This noble balsamic vinegar of Modena is characterized by a high grape must content to whom he owes his sweet-full-bodied and particularly velvety character. The cooked grape must is mixed with wine vinegar and stored in wooden barrels. For a high degree of naturalness our vinegars are only filtered and not pasteurized. In addition, the grapes are not sulphurised. Sulphites can naturally develop during refinement. No animal components or filter aids are used throughout the manufacturing process. Thus, the vinegar is perfectly suitable for a vegan way of life.

Tips for preparation

Ideal as a topping for salads or the special flavor in desserts.