• Naturata

    A promise to man and nature

    A promise we are are intent on keeping. We demonstrate this by the transparency of our manufacturing processes, our sustainable production, our flexibilty on the international market as well as by our responsible dealings with customers, employees and partners.

Naturata is a partner and pioneer

Our values

We stand for quality born out of a sense of conviction, for many years of experience and for high standards in the organic sector. We stand for expert knowledge and honesty, for naturalness and sustainability, for holism and eating pleasure, for trust and commitment. We cultivate relationships with our customers and employees which are based on trust.

Our values


The only way to do good

All our employees are dedicated people who work independently. Our work together is characterised at all levels by respectful and appreciative communication. Each employee is driven by a strong feeling of togetherness as well as enthusiasm for the common goal.


High quality from years of experience

As one of the pioneers in the organic sector, Naturata can look back on a historic and exciting journey. A lot has happened over the years. We are delighted to be part of this development and to be moving forward together.

Our history