The "Flower of the Oil" from Spain

Our "Flower of the Oil", a natural premium oil from the highest quality class, is obtained from the finest organic olives from a project in Spain.

Country, Location: SPAIN
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Olive oil from Spain

A small, disused oil mill has been given a new lease of life in order to obtain this precious oil by means of traditional, artisanal methods. It is one of the last stone mills in Spain. Since we therefore also wanted to preserve it as a historical cultural asset, we actively initiated the resumption of oil production and spoke to our contacts about re-opening the stone mill.

The Spanish oil mill is an entirely family-run business. During the season, the owner, Antonio Rei, is also helped by his son. Besides the two members of the Rei family, help comes from between three and five other employees, depending on the season. One of these is a refugee from Africa who has been trained and is now a permanent member of staff. 

Valuable, nutritious oils and organic balsamic vinegars ‒ a must for every store cupboard.

Get to know our olive oils

What makes the "Flower of the Oil" so special is that it is a purely cold-dripped oil, that means it is obtained only by allowing the oil to drip without pressing. To make it, the Arbequina and Empeltre Aragon olive varieties are ground according to the old tradition in a stone mill. During grinding between the millstones, a tiny amount of oil drips out of the resulting paste. This oil is collected and bottled without being filtered ‒ the so-called "Flower of the Oil". Since this premium oil is neither pressed nor filtered, it retains its valuable ingredients and its particularly intense and characteristic flavour.

The cold-dripped oil is produced exclusively for Naturata. In this way we are safeguarding the continuation of this old production method.

The olives are grown exclusively in the immediate vicinity and brought to the oil mill by the long-standing producers themselves. All of the olives from Antionio Rei's own olive grove are processed to make cold-dripped oil. Harvesting and bottling take place from December to mid-January, depending on the climatic conditions.

Environmental considerations play an important role in extraction of the oil. For this reason, the dried pomace is used, for example, for heating and generating hot water, which makes these processes carbon neutral. Furthermore, the residual water from oil production is cleaned and applied in the olive groves as liquid fertilizer. Before the olives are transferred to the silo, the stripped leaves are composted and also used to improve soil quality.

Incidentally, like our other olive oils (except for the extremely heat-stable olive frying oil) it belongs to the highest quality class, "extra virgin". This category of olive oil is strictly regulated by law and sets the highest demands in terms of aroma and flavour. It also guarantees particularly gentle oil extraction. Only oils which are obtained by purely mechanical or other physical means may bear this designation. The only permissible "treatments" are cleaning, decanting (draining of sediment), centrifuging and filtering.

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