Spelt from South Germany

For over 30 years now, Naturata has been working successfully with a Demeter producer association in South Germany. Here, the spelt flourishes under ideal conditions, and the partnership based on trust and reliability guarantees the highest quality.

Country, Location: South Germany Swabian Alps
Project partner: Cooperative Partnership 25 Cultivators
Start: in over 30 years

Spelt from South Germany

Naturata relies on long-term, reliable partnerships with its raw material suppliers. One example of such a partnership is that with the farmers of the Demeter producer association in South Germany which cultivates the spelt for our pasta.

Twenty-five farmers from South Germany supply spelt for Naturata’s pasta products. They belong to a Demeter producer association which has partnered Naturata successfully for over 30 years. 

What's special about our pasta is the collaboration between Naturata and the farmers which is based on years of personal contact with the Demeter producer association.

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Our responsibility to man and nature

Timely arrangements, fair prices, and reliable commitments to purchase guarantee farmers a sound financial basis for their business. Fair trading principles as well as mindful use of natural resources have characterised this operation for many years.

Quality promise

Optimum soil and climatic conditions make the Schwäbische Alb region an ideal location for cultivating spelt. Traditional varieties of this cultivated crop have been grown here for decades and give Naturata spelt pasta its special delicate, nutty flavour. 

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