Olive oil from Portugal

The Risca Grande organic farm was founded in 2001 by two Swiss families. In 2008, we supported the olive plantation in the transformation to biodynamic methods so that it was granted full Demeter status the following year.

Country, Location: PORTUGAL Serpa
Project partner: ORGANIC FARM Risca Grande
Start: 2009 till today

Olive oil from Portugal

The estate covers an cultivation area of 105 ha. Some 20,000 olive trees grow here, aged between 5 and 500 years old. In keeping with biodynamic criteria, the space underneath the trees is not tilled. Instead, the vegetation is mown three to four times a year, shredded and spread under the trees. This method offers several advantages: firstly, the layer of plant matter protects the soil against drying out and being eroded and secondly, a habitat for natural organisms is created which contribute to a balanced and rich soil. As laid down in the Demeter guidelines, the olive groves are also cared for using special compost. This is produced from shredded tree cuttings, pomace, animal manure and biodynamic compounds. A balanced, rich soil has a positive effect on the intensity of the olive oil’s flavour and aroma.

The olives for our unique olive oil originate from the "Risca Grande" olive plantation in one of Portugal's sunniest regions. The olive oil from this organic farm has already won numerous awards. In our product range you will find many more high quality organic olive oils.

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All processing steps in olive oil production are carried out at Risca Grande. After harvesting, the olives are cleaned, ground and kneaded at the oil mill. This produces a mass, from which the oil is separated from the olive pulp in centrifuges and pumped directly into large stainless-steel tanks. Before bottling, the oil is subjected to a special filtering process. Cotton filters are used, which, in contrast to conventional filters, allow traces of pulp to pass through. This explains the slight cloudiness of the finished olive oil. The cloudiness caused by this pulp residue is therefore a sign of the particular quality of the oil, which is characterised by its full-bodied, fruity aroma.

More than organic

Designation of the oil according to the quality class "extra virgin” (which is regulated by law) guarantees adherence to specific quality criteria. Gentle oil extraction by purely mechanical methods are used as a matter of principle. In addition, the highest standards in terms of aroma and flavour apply and are verified by a specially trained panel of inspectors. Not only experts in the field, but also consumers at tastings confirm the harmonious and fruity character of this olive oil.

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