Cocoa powder from Peru

Starting in 2017, Naturata now offers a top-quality cocoa from the Fairtrade "Oro Verde” project in northern Peru.

Country, Location: Peru Region San Martín
Project partner: Fairtrade Cooperative Oro Verde
Start: Since 2017

Cocoa powder from Peru

Starting in 2017, Naturata now offers a top-quality cocoa from the Fairtrade "Oro Verde” project in northern Peru.

The Andean state of Peru lies in the west of South America and is characterised by highland regions, a long Pacific coastline and rain and cloud forests in the east of the country. The rural populations of the Andes mountains and the Amazon basin are considerably poorer than the inhabitants of the coastal regions where most cities are situated.

The agricultural sector secures the livelihood of many people in Peru. The region offers few economic alternatives. Consequently, one in three Peruvians works on the land.

Finest quality, Fairtrade organic coffee and organic cocoa. Really wholesome and socially viable. That does (you) good.

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Our responsibility to man and nature

Oro Verde is situated in Lamas in the San Martin region of north-eastern Peru. The remote forests of the sparsely populated San Martin region and the tropical climate are perfectly suited to the cultivation of the coca plant, which was widespread there for many years. In the 1990s in particular, the region was much influenced by coca cultivation and its links with high levels of criminal activity. Around 90 per cent of producers made their living from coca. Since the founding of the Oro Verde cooperative in 1999, however, cultivation of coffee and cocoa has been promoted instead 

The resulting development into one of the most important areas for cultivating coffee and cocoa has proved a significant turning-point in the lives of the population. Instead of suffering persecution and huge uncertainty, people can now live their lives with dignity and in relative safety.

Quality promise

Oro Verde has been certified according to organic and Fairtrade standards since 2002. By foregoing the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers and by focusing on agroforestry, members are furthering the preservation of regional biodiversity and the protection of the rain forests. 

A reforestation project planned by the cooperative envisages the planting of some two million trees by 2019. The objective here is to create a new source of income for the producers involved, namely, the production of FSC-certified timber. 

Today, cocoa and coffee each represent around half of exports. 

In addition, farmers often plant yucca, cane sugar, vegetables and fruit and keep chickens.

Most of the work on the fields and in the cocoa and coffee plantations is carried out by the families themselves. It is only during harvesting time that additional workers are taken on. 

Through their membership of Oro Verde, farmers commit themselves to compliance with organic farming regulations and to the provision of 80 per cent of their cocoa and coffee harvest to the cooperative. In return, they can access a host of services through Oro Verde. 

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