Cocoa from Peru

The cooperative is active throughout Peru and supports agricultural smallholdings at all stages of production, therefore ensuring the top quality of our speciality chocolates.

Country, Location: PERU several departamentos
Project partner: FAIRTRADE-COOPERATIVE Cooperativa Agraria Norandino Ltda
Start: SINCE 1995

Cocoa from Peru

The “Cooperativa Agraria Norandino Ltda.” has been in existence since 1995 and is situated in Peru. It processes, sells and exports coffee, cocoa and panela (whole cane sugar). Increasing awareness of the cooperative means that Norandino also benefits from tourism and offers artisanal crafts and specialities.Norandino is active in several “departmentos” in Peru and supports its members ‒ agricultural smallholdings ‒ throughout production. In the early stages, for example, it provides loans in the form of tangible goods such as fertilizer.

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The Fairtrade cooperative provides anticipatory loans to finance activities at harvesting time. The cooperative runs a large processing plant in Piura which it uses to process the coffee harvests of its members and also makes available to other organisations.

Support with marketing is particularly important. The cooperative helps its members with regard to various certification processes so that they can access international markets for organic products, fair trade, specialities and sustainable products. Higher prices mean that it is possible to provide additional services, such as investment in improved quality and support for women and children.

Our responsibility to man and nature

Norandino also offers training courses and runs a project in the small town of Montero to promote “alternative tourism”. This aims to encourage responsible tourism, by engaging producers and other local residents as tour guides. This tourism model supports social projects such as the weavers’ associations as well as environmental projects and reforestation.

By cultivating cocoa, coffee and cane sugar, smallholders are able to achieve a certain standard of living and can send their children into secondary and higher education. This makes a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the region.


Farmers on these smallholdings strive for sustainable agriculture, a conscious use of resources and to deliver high-quality products. In so doing, they not only allow us to enjoy truly delicious chocolate and contribute to fair collaboration, but also create a better life for themselves and a secure future for their children.

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In 2018 Naturata began offering a dark chocolate with 70 % cocoa. The Demeter cocoa used to make it, preferably the Trinitario variety, is sourced from the Cabruca Cooperative in Brazil.

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