Naturata is a leading supplier of foods from organic production

Our values

Respectful and appreciative collaboration at all levels serves to strengthen our partnerships. Our enthusiasm for maximum eating pleasure, genuine taste and the highest quality is what drives us towards our common goal. Our collaboration with customers, suppliers and employees is characterised by long-term, binding relationships. We act as partners.

Our mission

Together with our producers, suppliers and trading partners, we shape the organic market and supply it with natural products of the highest quality. Efficiency, professionalism and sustainability underlie our day-to-day work.

As a leading, sustainably profitable company, we offer the best raw materials at competitive prices. Our determination to guarantee natural ingredients, gentle processing and mindful business practice throughout the value added process serves to promote social, environmental issues for the benefit of all company stakeholders. This is our added value.

Our vision

Alongside our focus on holism and sustainability, here at Naturata "More than organic" stands for a new culture of collaboration, for room for ideas, development and sharing. Our choice, biodynamically produced foods are our contribution to a better world in which we deliberately focus on the needs of man and nature.

With our products we create the basis for quality and also the preservation and development of healthy co-existence and sustainable enjoyment which gives people pleasure. As an experienced and prominent enterprise, we can give fresh impetus to the sector and break new ground. For everyone.

Our promise to ...

the customer:

Our customers are our top priority. We provide them with sustainable, carefully selected products bearing the Fairtrade, carbon-neutral and Demeter labels. We stand for maximum eating pleasure, genuine taste and the highest quality and we put our heart into everything we do.

our employees:

Our employees enjoy plenty of scope for action under fair conditions, a needs-oriented, flexible working environment as well as the chance of new perspectives and vocational support.

our partners:

As an employer, producer, supplier, public limited company we are a responsible partner and maintain close working relationships with our farmers. We build on cooperation, esteem, long-term planning and transparency. We are conscious of the expertise of all parties involved in the working process and approach them on equal terms.

society and the environment:

The foundation for our premium quality and our commitment to the bond between man and nature are based on conscious and ethical corporate management and responsible use of all available resources.