Climate-friendly for the sake of the environment

What is myclimate?

myclimate is an international, non-profit climate protection organisation which was originally founded in Switzerland. It also has a German subsidiary.
The organisation is considered to be the global leader in voluntary carbon offset initiatives and also develops its own climate protection projects. These satisfy the most stringent quality standards and take into account not only ecological but also social considerations.
myclimate’s main goal is to propose ways of making everything we do more environmentally sustainable. Environmental protection is driven on three levels: avoidance, reduction and offsetting.

Why cooperate with myclimate?

Back in 2011 we decided to offset our carbon emissions in relation to selected products. After examining the services offered by various providers of carbon-offset solutions, we chose myclimate.

The decisive factor for us was the quality of the offset projects which, alongside their core offsetting aspect, also aim to improve the living conditions of people on the ground.

This has therefore convinced us to collaborate with myclimate to offset all carbon emissions generated along the entire value creation chain of many of our products, from production to transport.

Climate-friendly products

100 % climate-friendly offset

Our range contains a host of products whose associated carbon emissions are offset in collaboration with myclimate.

These include:

  • All durum wheat and spelt pasta (Lasagne under examination)
  • All chocolates
  • All sugar products (except sugar sticks)
  • All maple syrups
  • All sea salt in bags (all other salts under examination)
  • All pure cocoa products
  • All tubes
  • All Bourbon vanilla products


Each product is carefully analysed to calculate the carbon emissions generated. To do this, we look at all raw materials, transport and production processes for the product.

Since the calculated carbon emissions are equal to those offset by a myclimate climate protection project, the products are therefore climate-friendly.

We use climate-friendly packaging

We also have a number of products in our range for which we offset only the emissions generated during production and transport of the packaging.

These include:

  • Grain coffee, instant, refill
  • Spelt coffee, instant, refill
  • Lupin coffee, instant, refill
  • Chicory coffee, for filtering
  • Grain coffee, for filtering

Climate protection projects in collaboration with myclimate

We support a variety of climate protection projects across the globe by collaborating with the non-profit organisation myclimate to offset carbon emissions generated. A tracking number printed on our packaging allows you to read at about the project you are supporting with your purchase.

In the case of our chocolate, for example, we sponsor a nationwide climate protection programme in Peru consisting of a number of similar projects.

The programme supports the local production and use of efficient cooking stoves equipped with chimneys in remote households. The primary objective is the long-term improvement of living conditions for the local population.
In contrast to the traditional open fires used for cooking, the new stoves have a chimney for conducting the smoke out of the houses. This has a positive effect on the health of the families who use them.

Thanks to their optimised construction, the stoves also require less firewood. This protects the local forest and leads to a reduction in carbon emissions as well as saving time for the collection of firewood.
A total of 75,526 tonnes of CO₂ are cut by the programme each year!

Other products, such as pasta, are linked to a project in Madagascar through which myclimate supports the production and distribution of energy-saving and climate-friendly solar cookers with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and combating the alarming rate of deforestation on the island.